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Elnashu Enterprises Ltd for your Imports and Exports.

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Elnashu Enterprises Ltd

Elnashu Enterprises Ltd is registered and certified under the Kenyan Registration of Business names act; (Cap, 499, Section 14), Certificate of registration, Business No. BN-5XCEMLXX.

Marketing is the science and art of exploring,creating and delivering value to satisfy the needs of human or a target market. 

Elnashu Enterprises uses effective marketing skills to achieve its goals and grow in the domains of Healthcare and Business.

We create awareness, attract clients and build lasting and profitable relationships.

The main role of Elnashu is to safeguard the customer's value, attract the new and to maintain a cordial relationship with existing Clients. This is achieved by;

  • Identifying the customer's need and;
  • Supplying or providing their needs at average cost.

Elnashu focuses on all the principles that guides our customer-focused actions, and we understand our branding, positioning, and the ultimate wish of our customers.



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