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ELNASHU ENTERPRISES ships and delivers your MEDICAL DEVICES, EQUIPMENT, and PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMEN (PPEs) to all destinations. You order, we do puchases from the manufacturer and delivers to your desired destination.

We supply and delivers according to the specifications of the order at a lower cost. Trust Elnashu Enterprises for your healthcare and medical accessories.



Surgical Gloves

Shippment to Tanzania

Shipment II

Costomer Satisfaction

S. Gloves

Quality hand protection

Shipment D

Shipment C

Elnashu Enterprises


Supply List

Shipment E


Quality Mask

Monitors A

Monitor B

Accessory B

Accessory C

Mask 2


Niddles 2

Monitor G

Monitor F

Accessories J

Monitor K

Client A

Client B

Client Samples 1

Client Samples 2


Supplies to Clients in Dar Es Salam Tanzania

Water filtering and treatment

Gloves M

Gloves N

Warehouse A

Warehouse B

Warehouse C

Shipment Loading 


Sample #

Disposable Gloves

G 1

G 2

Water treatment Plant

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