Costa Rica tourist visa requirements for Cameroonian citizens.

Citizens of Cameroon are required to obtain a Costa Rican tourist visa for their brief stay in Costa Rica. There are eight (8) steps involved in the Costa Rica tourist visa procedure. Typically, the stay is brief.

Costa Rica

Costa Rican visa

Since Costa Rica does not have an embassy or Consulate in Cameroon, Cameroonian Citizens MUST GO THROUGH THREE (3) STEPS:

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The person who needs the document legalized must choose the third country, based on what is convenient for him or her. He or she must also get in touch with the Embassy or Consulate of the chosen THIRD COUNTRY (Example Spain) in the nation where the document was issued (in this Case, Cameroon), in order to verify whether they will be willing to legalize the document in question. This is necessary because some countries do not accept legalizations via third Country.

Legalization Steps

Summary of legalization steps:

Steps to be followed for the legalization by a “third country” (Spain)

I.                  Steps in the country where the document was issued (that is Cameroon:


1.     Present the document at the Cameroonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the first legalization.

2.     Present the document at the Embassy or consulate of “the third country” (e.g. Spanish embassy in Yaoundé)


II.                 Steps in the “third country” (e.g. in Madrid Spain):

1.     Present the document at Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2.     Present the document at the Embassy or Consulate of Costa Rica in Spain.


III.              Steps in Costa Rica

1.             Present the document at the ministry of Foreign Affairs (“Ventanilla Unica”), Final Legalization.

Requirements and Steps 2


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