The court of Kenya has earlier this year (2023) declares that property division upon divorce will no longer be 50/50.

The Supreme Court of Kenya has declared that following a divorce, spouses are not entitled to a 50/50 split of the marital estate.


According to the court, only individual contributions are used to determine how the property is distributed.

Each spouse must establish their contribution in the case of separation so that the court may determine the portion that will be made accessible to them.

According to the Court, even though Article 45(3) of the Constitution addresses the equality of spouses' fundamental rights during a divorce, this equality does not entail a redistribution of property rights or a presumption that spouses are automatically entitled to a 50/50 share by virtue of being married.

The Supreme Court's decision clarifies the standards for allocating marital property in cases brought before the Matrimonial Property Act went into force and highlights the need of demonstrating contribution in such situations.

Could the law above appropriate for all countries and societies in the Africa and the world?

The drawbacks:

The spouse makes more money often assumes a stronger role in the marriage.

Your spouse will be attracted to other women. Your partner will have feelings for other women. They want what you have (Your husband). However, some ladies find it difficult. Most females do.

It is far preferable to marry a man and rise to prosperity jointly because you will realize how much labor and effort it took to get there. However, it might be difficult to resist having your soul altered when you start from beginning and dive deeply into prosperity.

The wealthy spouse frequently takes on a bigger role in the marriage.

My recommendation.

Think on the person, not the money. If you're simply in it for the money, in which case I feel bad for both of you. This is because who the man is, what he believes in, and how he treats you are far more important than money.

It entails a lot of work to have a wealthy or rich husband.

The partner frequently puts in absurd hours and is rarely present.

Many charitable endeavors, which may be worthwhile or merely something to do.

The pressure on you to be attractive, youthful, and lively is great.  For example, most men’s dream ladies should be in;

  • Their mid-20s.
  • Has a graduate degree in business, or law etc.
  • Really kind and honest.
  • Gorgeous.
  • Has a positive outlook on life.
  • She should be fantastic in bed.

You can't generalize about or stereotype wealthy people, in my opinion. They come in a variety of sizes and forms. Others were born into poverty and had to struggle for their money, while other people were born into wealth. Some people are giving, while others are frugal (Stingy).

While some are downright jerks, others are the nicest individuals you could ever want to meet.

Depending on whether the individual was, a decent man or not, I'm very confident money or wealth will make him change. How good or horrible it may be is simply amplified by riches, wealth or money.

The type qualities most rich and wealthy men go for.

Don't be afraid. Insecure men are eaten alive by gold diggers. Even if their wealth comes from an inheritance, they can still be unsecured.

Woman who promises "fun and youth" (nudes) is typically a category one gold digger in online dating and even in upscale dating agencies.

When you just met someone for the first time, don't give shallow or exaggerated compliments to them without questioning whether there is an ulterior motive.

Examine the individual's recurrent actions. Actually get to know them before buying from them.  Most Women who are self-respecting never ask for gifts or money to spend.

Was she being trained to behave like a dog? Do you only get sex or other benefits if you spend a lot of money on her or relatively costly?

Please be assured that the anticipated gift will suffice as payment.  Is she entitled to anything?

Is she playing the innocent and stupid card? Oh, how innocent I am?  “I have no knowledge."

Most man learns the ways of the world from a big, strong, and intelligent. The insecure man who is being manipulated once more in the name of love is gone. An intelligent woman would be pursued by a secure man who would recognize absurdity.

  • How does she respond to gifts that don't cost anything at all? Is she going to toss them?
  • What was her relationship history like?
  • Does she make any mention of her virginity? The fact that they are virgins is never brought up in a conversation. They are always shy about it.
  • It's a red flag if a woman keeps referring to how "virgin" or "pure" she is.
  • What is her line of work? Is there a job for her?
  • Does her job description appear to cover her living expenses? If not, who is financing her way of life? (Lifestyle)
  • Is she more concerned about money than she is about experiences or education?
  • What makes her happy?
  • Things she has or things she has done?
  • Does she actually have something to talk about, or is she completely oblivious to her appearance and don't care what she says?
  • Would you even be friends with her if you weren't having sex with her?
  • Based on her intellect and abilities, could you employ her to work for you?

Well, she might not be the sharpest crayon in the box, but some men are ready to teach them and they will learn and become more intelligent, worldly, and cultured, etc.

Many men and women believe that kindness is the same as manipulating money. Naturally, when they want something, they are nice to you and give you compliments! That is basic sales!

Most wealthy men, employ the following strategies.

To begin, they would take the time to thoroughly get to know the woman. Not necessarily in a sexual way.

Before they would ever consent to sleeping with her, she would need to be a very dependable friend. They wouldn't marry her if they didn't have enough faith in her to have sex with her. 

Love and Wealth

They would inform her beforehand that they would have a prenuptial agreement if they decided to propose. To safeguard both him and her, they would do this.

Most men wouldn't marry a woman with a less money than they have. When a marriage is financially uneven, there is too much potential for abuse and too much potential for a significantly poorer woman to be unfairly. In this case, the less income earner, the woman is often referred to as “a gold digger”, even if she isn't one.

As a result, even though they wouldn't want a wife to steal from them, they also wouldn't want the excuse of a possible divorce to make them believe that they had the right or ability to steal from her.

My take is, for both to divide equally any money they earned during their marriage. However, if they were to divorce, they would not be able to touch any money they both had prior to their marriage.

Marriage and equity

This way, a divorce would not affect their children's inheritances or any charitable bequests they might want to make if they had children from a previous marriage.

They might request an investigation of the woman at the beginning of an acquaintance, but they really don't think they would do so unless they had been duped in the past and felt distrustful of everyone.

Beginning a close friendship with a woman I was interested in would be my best bet.

That notwithstanding, being able to perform tasks that where otherwise impossible. Helping those you couldn't otherwise aid. Blessing your loved ones and friends and living and high standard of living and a better lifestyle is one the advantages of getting married to a rich and wealthy man.

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