This article is not about you if you are a white from South Africa or any other African country. To put it another way, your skin color keeps you safe. Until now, there are still some people who know nothing about Africa.

Life of Africans in Dubai

They treat us all the same because they think we all speak the same language and come from the same place.

As long as you have black skin, your educational level is irrelevant. Despite the fact that a black African can be better than Indian coworkers, Africans can never go out to have fun with the money they get. This is because it is usually sent home and can only be used to buy food and pay a few small bills.

I am not referring to going to the beach because it is free when I say "going out to have fun." Throughout my time in Dubai, I went to the beach a just a few times.

The fact that these businesses have the disease of more working hours makes it worse for Africans. They have to work long hours. They frequently extend your working hours and occasionally deny you vacation time.

Nobody will tell you about the terrible things African go through in Dubai.

I was so moved when I read what I wrote three years ago that it seems like yesterday. To be honest, being African in Dubai isn't that easy. Naturally, each resident in Dubai (UAE) is fighting his or her own battle. However, as an African, you must fight harder than everyone else.

I am grateful to God that I had to leave to another country although the all has not still been the best. It is significantly better than because it’s not an Arab state and I feel more comfortable.

If there is one thing I can recommend to any African living in Dubai, or thinking or travelling to Dubai.  It is to work on yourself. Don't just sit around and complain. Take classes, learn Excel, and work on your computer skills. Find a way to work on yourself and invest in yourself for your future in Dubai. If you are lucky enough to be reading this, you won't get stuck in the UAE like I did.

Travelling to Dubai as an African with black skin is difficult, even if you have a degree and experience in your field like I do.

Despite the fact that Africans are intelligent and diligent, Dubai does not appear to value their skills for reasons they are aware of.

On the one side, life in Dubai is beautiful, but on the inside, it's dehumanizing. With a rise in temperatures and people who are generally reserved.

Because of my observations, which are intrinsically based, I can say that few indigenous people are educated and are better suited to work with. However, those who are not educated make communication a little more challenging, and things fall apart as a result of a lack of exposure. However, this is reasonable in light of what residents of other Asian nations bring to the table. It was awful.

The government is making every effort with its policies and implementation, but progress is slow.

Majority of businesses and companies fail to meet employee satisfaction standards, and Africans are almost entirely to be blame.

Africans would fare much better in a fair and open job competition, particularly those with extensive education experience.

Working for Emirates Airlines is a dream comes true for an African captain. He can enjoy pleasant weather, earn $200,000 annually, and not pay taxes. However, the life of an African. 1.) Working in a coffee shop. 2.) Having to pay for their tickets and visas, out of their savings could be considered hell.

This could be the worst time to live in the United Arab Emirates, especially in Sharjah. I arrived UAE in 2018. A Namibian open bank accounts within two days. But Before a Nigerian could open a bank account, it took three months.

Numerous Nigerians have expressed dissatisfaction with companies employing them but unable to process their visas since 2018. Prior to COVID; they tried to get the Nigerian consular general to step in, but nothing came of it.

Nigerians are being handcuffed onto a plane. However, several others got out of the lift late at night, around 1 a.m. All Africans were asked to step back into the lift, while Indians, Filipinos, and other nationalities were let out. The remaining individuals were questioned regarding their identifications.

Individuals come from nations like Africa and Pakistan and are guaranteed lucrative positions in Dubai.

They are then taken to a compound out in the desert, where they will remain until they leave the nation and their travel papers are removed.

They then, at that point, work for extended periods in the warm sun, with little food or water.

At the point when they have worked all through, they are then taken to the air terminal. Given their travel papers back, given no cash, and set on a modest trip back home.

Current Dubai was based on subjugation.

Is there a scale in any way?

If this is the case, Africans will still be black. But they will be at the bottom of the food chain unless they have a passport from the United States or the United Kingdom.

If you are black, it will be assumed that you are poor, have no education, and that you speak such good English. If you are a woman, it will also be assumed that you are cheap and likely work as a housekeeper.

It should be noted that non-Emiratis, primarily people from other cultures who live in Dubai, are particularly susceptible to this. The level of education is frequently irrelevant. The locals are however, angels.

Even though I had a BSc, a Lebanese/French boss treated me the worst. In the past five years, an anti-discrimination law or decree has been passed, but I don't think anyone has tested it.

EL Prince.