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Romance and marriage.


1. Not all romances result in marriage; others merely open your eyes to new dining options.

2. Making your pleasure your first priority is not selfish.

3. Keep away from those who are "still." Still broke, still whining, still despising, and still lost.

4. It is too expensive to sacrifice your mental wellness in any way.

5. Verify that other people aren't the only ones who value the connection.

6. You don't have to win everyone over. Not even everyone is to your taste.

7. If you prefer yourself to their mess, some people can become upset. Pick you anyhow.

8. Listen, the decision you are hesitant to make could change the course of the game.

9. You had a different personality in the past.

What makes someone a boring person.

1.   Saying “Yes” for everything.

1.   Saying “No” for everything.

2.   Using “Hmm”, “k” while chatting.

3.   Never telling opinion.

4.   Replying after 2 days.

5.   Speaking negatively always.

6.   Making an excuse for everything.

7.   Staying silent always.

8.   A habit of never putting phone down.

9.   Show off.