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Canada continues to face a significant skill shortage as a result of its low birth rate and large retiree population. However, the country's thriving economy provides the funds necessary to hire foreign tradespeople to fill these labor shortages.


When there are no jobs for immigrants, why does Canada allow 350,000 immigrants each year?

Canada intends to invite 500,000 permanent residents in 2025, according to the news.

There are two reasons why Canada allows so many immigrants:

To ensure the survival of the elderly, there is a labor shortage.

The ratio of unemployed people to available jobs decreased from 4.5 in the first quarter of 2016 to 1.4 in the first quarter of 2022, as reported by Statistics Canada. Yes, there is typically only one candidate available for each open position.

Manufacturing, food services, healthcare, retail, and construction—the hardest-hit industries—said that finding workers is a significant challenge.

Therefore, the Canadian government will warmly welcome you if you intend to immigrate and can serve these sectors. You are not guaranteed employment as a result. In private businesses, it is still up to you to convince hiring managers to hire you.

It is unlikely that much convincing will be required given the labor shortage.

Canada also allows a large number of immigrants so that the elderly can live there. Our taxes pay for the care of our elderly population.

In 2020, there were 3.33 people between the ages of 25 and 64 for every person 65 and older, according to Statistics Canada. However, projections indicate that this will decrease.

According to a CBC article titled "Where Your Tax Dollars Go," elderly benefits are the federal government's single largest expense.

Why does Canada anticipate a population decline? Perhaps our generation is choosing not to reproduce as frequently? To increase the population, a couple would need to have at least three children, right?

Additionally, according to worldometer.info, Canada has a population density of 4 people per square kilometer. The US, on the other hand, has 36. 464 is India.

There are several underdeveloped towns, cities, and rural areas in Canada that are livable, despite the fact that much of the country was not designed to be livable. Take, for instance, Sudbury, which has a population density of just 44 people per square km but is a well-known (at least by name) and very livable town.

Therefore, anti-immigrant Canadians ought to begin assuming that paying higher federal taxes to support grandma's welfare means accepting more immigrants.

Immigrants are often misunderstood to believe that they are here for free.

Which brings me to the second question: Immigrants have no work opportunities.

Really? Do you have any statistics to support that, or is it just your opinion?

The Labour Force Survey conducted by Statistics Canada indicates that the unemployment rate in Canada decreased to 5.3 percent in March 2022. Since comparable data became available in 1976, it had never been lower.

The same data demonstrated a record-low unemployment rate among immigrants who arrived in Canada within the previous five years. The adjusted unemployment rate, which includes people who wanted to work but didn't, fell to 7.2% for the first time since the pandemic.

Therefore, it is true that 25% of the 350K immigrants will be unemployed.

In contrast to your assertion that "there are no jobs for immigrants," that represents a very different point of view.

I think it's clear to me that your perception is based on the bad news you hear about these 25K immigrants.

There is no doubt that newcomers to Canada may have difficulty finding employment due to the following:

A lack of Canadian experience, a lack of a local network, English/French speaking skills that are clear and confident, and sometimes even an undeserved sense of entitlement are all factors that can and will hinder a newcomer's ability to find their first job.

If these 25K immigrants want to make it in Canada (or anywhere else, for that matter), they need to use cutting-edge methods when looking for work.

The majority of newcomers submit generic, self-drafted resumes to as many job postings as possible. If a person has struggled to find work for months, this tactic almost never works.

The entitled, on the other hand, believe that just because they came to Canada with their education and experience, they should also find work there. When they land, they are rudely awoken. Then they blame racism and Canada's hiring practices, playing victim. They are heard by no one.

Even though newcomers' services can be of assistance, they typically provide high-level guidance rather than handholding, which is what some individuals actually require but are unwilling to pay for.

In Canada, some of the highest-paying trade occupations include:

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The Canadian government had introduced a policy that allows those on a visitor visa switch to a work visa without leaving the country, but it expires soon.

There will be more opportunities in the future through which a Visit Visa could still be converted to a Work visa without leaving Canada.

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Advantages of travelling to Canada.

If you haven't already, Canada should definitely be on your next vacation list. Why? Canada can provide you with whatever you're looking for when you travel. Do you want to be outside? We have that. Culture, art, or food? That is also plentiful. In addition, breathtaking scenery, bustling cities, and welcoming locals complete the picture.

Explore your favorite foods and drinks.

When it comes to Canada, it may be difficult to identify a particular regional cuisine (bacon? (Potatoes? ), However, that doesn't mean we don't offer some of the best beverages and food in the area. If you're looking for delicious food in a stunning setting, head to Churchill, Manitoba; visit innovative breweries in places like Ontario and Nova Scotia to discover the nation's best restaurants and try new beers.

Explore more than 45 national parks.

Are you an outdoorsman? The incredible number of national parks in Canada means that the country is probably already on your bucket list. However, even if you're not a seasoned hiker, parks like Toronto's Rouge National Urban Park and British Columbia's Glacier National Park offer plenty of opportunities to discover the country's renowned natural beauty.

Spot just found in-Canada untamed life

Bears, whales, beavers, and more make us famous. And if you play your cards right, you can see wildlife that you won't find anywhere else on any trip up north. Over 22 species of whales can be seen along the east coast, while polar bears and belugas can be seen in the Arctic.

Celebrate rich culture

From one coast to another, you'll track down individuals, culture, and networks that embody the past of the country while anticipating what's in store. Value the rich Native culture the nation over; find First Countries workmanship in Northern English Columbia; investigate common liberties at the Canadian Exhibition hall of Basic freedoms in Winnipeg; remember history in pretty much every region and domain — there are a lot of ways of finding Canada's past.

Party hard at a celebration

Regardless of your taste, we have a celebration for you. Into music? Look at Oshega in Montreal or the RBC Bluesfest in Ottawa. In the event that parody's more your thing, Only for Chuckles is a must-join in. There are additionally film celebrations (like the Toronto Global Film Celebration) and food celebrations the whole way across the nation (like Pemberton's Sluggish Food Cycle Sunday).

Meet amicable individuals

It's valid; we're really pleasant. However, more than that, we live in the absolute best urban areas on the planet, and we're willing to show them off. Visit up a neighborhood at an unrecorded music setting or steer up to another companion at a mutual table to get insider's tips on the most proficient method to best investigate your new most loved city.

Investigate the longest shoreline on the planet

We have more water than elsewhere in the world, and this implies a ton of shoreline. Go out on the untamed sea in New Brunswick to recognize whales putting on an act or get to realize the West Coast by kayak or float plane. Regardless of which territory or domain you visit, you won't ever be a long way from an unblemished lake or an evolving tide.

Find experience any place you go

Nature approaches experience, meaning Canada is set up to get your adrenaline siphoning. Head into the wild and investigate Canada's natural side, or stick near the city and find a metropolitan experience. Thrilling trips can be found basically all over, from the Barren wilderness of Alberta to the desolate heaps of Baffin Island.

Find the four seasons

It's not cold up here all the time. It's most likely hotter than you naturally suspect, as a matter of fact. Canada is home to four unmistakable seasons, making it an extraordinary all year objective. Head into the trees to find the fall tones, celebrate winter at a celebration in Quebec City, spread out on an ocean side in Ruler Edward Island in the mid year, or find spring showing some major signs of life on a climb in Ottawa.

Take in the variety

From culture to food to encounters, Canada unquestionably flaunts a different encounter for everybody. Regardless of what you're energetic about, we bring something to the table, all you really want to do is pick a spot to visit and begin investigating.

Prepared to investigate? Now is the ideal time to begin voyaging!